Geology / Geotechnical Engineering

Geology / Geotechnical Engineering

Geology/Geotechnical Engineering services provided by CCF are backed by years of experience in this field whereby the founders were faced with challenging problems related to complex geological features, problematic soils, excessive loads in different projects spanning from infrastructural to mixed use ones. This experience gives us a solid foundation to offer expert judgment to help our clients avoid cost overruns, claims, failures, safety concerns, and other potential problems that could derail a project.



Geology/Geotechnical Services include:

 Site characterization (Design and Supervision)

· Desk studies (data collection)

· Geological mapping and reconnaissance

· Geotechnical campaigns and lab testing

· Data analysis and interpretations

· Geological cross-sections

· Assessment and analysis of geological hazards (earthquakes, landslides, flooding, karstic terrains, collapsible soils, debris      flow, subsidence, etc...)

· Geophysical explorations

Design and supervision of water wells

Design and supervision of shoring and retention works

Design and supervision of foundation systems

Design and supervision of soil improvement

Design and supervision of earthworks