Sample Projects CRATON’s staff were involved in

Sama Beirut Tower Sama Beirut Tower
- Project Type: Residential/Commercial Bldg.
- Service:Site characterization and settlement estimation
- Significance:Settlement Estimation to give additional feedback for the type of foundations (shallow or deep).
Chekka Tunnel Chekka Tunnel
- Project Type:Infrastructure, comprising the main route linking Beirut to north Lebanon, and Turkey.
- Service:Assessment of severe structural distress causes, especially at the southbound portal.
- Significance:Portal witnessed severe structural distress that undermined the traffic safety.
Pan Arab Highway – Cut & Cover Tunnel at Station 376 Pan Arab Highway – Cut & Cover Tunnel at Station 376
- Project Type:Infrastructure.
- Service:Analysis of a cut and cover tunnel structure considering soil structure interaction.
- Significance:Providing a feasible solution for the structure in a potentially unstable terrain.
Saifi 405 Saifi 405
- Project Type:Residential Bldg. 
- Service:Third party assessment of the executed shoring system. 
- Significance:Providing feedback to the management team to hand-over the site to the main Contractor. 
ABC Mall – Verdun Branch ABC Mall – Verdun Branch
- Project Type: Commercial Bldg.
- Service: CRATON's staff participated in assessing the shoring system alternatives by conducting 3D finite element analysis on    the southern side with emphasis near an existing open neighboring pit.
- Significance: Assessing technically the options to aid the Contractor in the decision making regarding the shoring system for the  relevant section.
3 Beirut 3 Beirut
-Project Type: Residential/Commercial Bldg.
-Service: CRATON’s staff participated in determining the equivalent characteristics of the improved ground for raft foundation
- Significance: Optimization & cost saving for the foundation system.
Palace of Justice Palace of Justice
- Project Type: Governmental Bldg.
- Service: CRATON's staff participated in the seismic retrofitting study for the foundations.
-Significance: Optimization cost saving for the   foundation system.